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We are showcasing local artists in the restaurant.

We have 6 artists displaying their art throughout the restaurant which is all for sale.

Here are the artists….

Pat Brown


I was born and brought up in the N.E and trained to be a teacher Painting and drawing was always part of my life but work and family came first. When we moved to Scotland about 25years ago I was temporarily unemployed and this gave me the opportunity to start painting in watercolour.

We’re now happily settled in Appleton and now apart from sketching outdoors I use oils acrylics and mixed media. I paint still life, landscape and the figure. I’ m always striving for a more abstract quality in my work

Some people do crosswords; to me every painting is a puzzle to solve. I love to paint and I paint what I love.




The artist, Jane Brumby, is a graduate of Printed Textile Design, Bristol and has lived in the North West all her life. She has carried a love of design into her paintings and although using a variety of painting mediums and styles she favours abstracts based on landscapes.

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Marc A Turner


Professional artist, painter, art tutor and also manufacture Turner oil paints, I have been painting for many years and have worked for a famous painting school in Norfolk. I now teach painting in the Warrington area as well as selling my work and the Turner range of oil paints.

I have a vast knowledge of the master painters old and new and have studied their techniques and the mediums they used, this has helped me to develop as an artist and I constantly pass on this knowledge to my students.

My joy for art began at a very young age when I was inspired by my father’s drawings. This inspiration led me to begin practicing in watercolours and drawing. I specifically remember in 1984 looking out towards the hills at Hagenohsen Germany as I painted the beautiful landscape and realising that not many hobbies could beat this one. From this point on my interest in painting and artwork intensified.

I continued to paint in watercolour with a little dabbling in other mediums for many years, and later decided to take oil painting more seriously and improve my skills. I attended some good courses and practiced my painting daily until I felt good enough to call myself an artist, I have never looked back. I now look forwards to passing on my knowledge and teaching anyone that wishes to develop their painting skills.

Marc A Turner (Artist), Secretary to the Warrington Art Group and Co-founder of Art Group Critique. Founder of Turner Artist Colours.

T: 07779320362



Christine Conreen


It was fun painting these pictures.
Having a colourful background painted diagonally, it seemed right to paint the musicians floating on the canvas.

Painting has given me more of an awareness of the beauty and colours in my surroundings.

Married to a musician we both enjoy the way music and art has given us friends and interests we can share.

Denis Holder

I’m 67, married with 4  (adult) children, and have lived in Grappenhall for almost 40 years. I used to paint when I was young (a long time ago!) but always nurtured an ambition to take it up again one day. That came about in 2006 when I took up a brush again, and I haven’t stopped since. I usually paint in oils, and the painters I admire most tend to be the French Impressionists, and van Gogh. I like colour and light, and for that reason I also admire painters like Turner and El Greco.

I’ve never had any formal training so I’m entirely self-taught. I do try to experiment with different styles, however, though it sometimes doesn’t work out! But that’s the great thing about painting-you can please yourself and if you don’t like the finished work, you can just start again!

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